Exam Schedule Period 1

Check your name and exam date. If your name is missing, please contact Registrar's Office, otherwise you are not allowed to enter the exam.


Exam room information:
LX-0312 : LX Learning Exchange Building (N16)
SC2109 SC2111 : SC Department of Physics-Mathematics Building (N4)
SCL124 SCL216 : SCL Fundamental Science Laboratory Building (N7)
LIB108 : LIB KMUTT Library Building (N10)
CB1XXX : CB1 Classroom Building 1 (N20)
CB2XXX : CB2 Classroom Building 2 (N17)
CB3XXX : CB3 Classroom Building 3 (S13)

Center for coordinating examinations:
CB1204 Fl.2 CB1 Classroom Building 1 (N20) Contact 8042
SC2217 Fl.2 SC Department of Physics-Mathematics Building (N4) Contact 8352
CB30202 Fl.2 CB3 Classroom Building 3 (S13) Contact 8335
LX Learning Exchange Building (N16) Fl.1 Contact 8241